We're creating a campus-wide Discord server to serve as a central hub for social interaction while off-campus and to be a launching-off point for other events. Please join, even if you're not usually into social media!

  1. First visit this link to join the server (create a Discord account if you don't have one).
  2. Send a message with the text !kerberos {insert your kerberos here} (with no curly braces, like !kerberos abau) to the #front-door channel there.
  3. You'll get an email with a four-character code (like `3a96`). Send !code {your code} (like !code 3a96) to the #front-door channel and you'll be approved!
  4. -
If you have any trouble joining, email us at busybeavers@mit.edu from your MIT email address with your Discord username and we'll add you manually.

Please read through our user guide and rules page before using the server!

Events Calendar

We're creating a calendar for digital events to happen at MIT. We host regular mixer days and game nights, and help other clubs host events like online game nights and movie streams! Add the following Google calendar.

Digital events calendar

If you are a club or individual with an idea for a digital event, fill out the following Google form and we'll add you to the calendar.

Event registration form

Help With This Effort

We need more help with the effort to keep MIT community together! Email busybeavers@mit.edu if you have any ideas or are interested in volunteering any of your time.